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donna gilchrist

baby scan studio

Having spent some time working with other private companies, I decided the time was right to open my own studio.  I want to offer families a personal experience which isn’t always possible with large chain studios. I don’t believe in speed scans as I believe your scan is an experience and shouldn’t be rushed.
— Donna Gilchrist 

4D Scan Packages

See your baby in high resolution 4D imaging

Available from 24 weeks


Our Studio

Our dedicated studio is located within Dunfermline's historic town centre next to Pittencrief Park. Parking is readily available at the City Car Park next to the studio.


 Before you pop in:

  • Please have something sugary to eat and drink lots of fluids before your scan to give your baby extra energy and help us get the best images for you.

  • Travelling in a vehicle can make your baby sleepy; a few gentle movements on leaving the car should wake baby up.

  • Please arrive at our studio 5 minutes prior to your scan. This allows us to complete relevant paperwork and answer any questions you may have.

For more helpful preparation, see our section on what you need to know before your scan.

Baby Scan Shop

We have a small selection of gifts available to to help you remember your scan experience with us.  These gifts were lovingly selected by our team and available for purchase with any scan.  


Counting the Kicks?

We are proud supporters of Kicks Count, a UK registered charity that aims to empower mums to be with knowledge and confidence throughout their pregnancy.

Their overall mission is to reduce stillbirth in the UK, which has the second worst stillbirth rate in the developed world.  While there isn’t an easy solution to reducing stillbirth, a decrease in fetal movement can be a key warning sign that a baby is in distress and early delivery could save nearly a third of stillborn babies.

Please pick up a leaflet in our studio for information on Kicks Count! We hope to raise awareness on proper monitoring of your baby's movements during your pregnancy.